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Bathroom Remodeling

Are you constantly dissatisfied with your bathroom, repeatedly complaining about what bothers you? Have you been fantasizing about a whole bathroom remodel? If you're considering a bathroom remodeling, significant or minor, you're probably wondering how to keep your remodel functional, economical, and visually appealing. Will you need a permit for your bathroom renovation? What colors are famous for bathroom renovations these days? What are your tiling options? To begin, we suggest asking yourself, "Why exactly do I need a remodel?"

There are tell-tale signals that remodeling is in your future. There are several reasons why your bathroom requires a bathroom remodel, ranging from outdated décor, accumulated damage, and poor lighting to restricted storage. Seven Home Improvement experts explain the most apparent signs that your bathroom needs a revamp, and we've provided some creative solutions ranging from desirable tubs to brilliant shower stalls.

Your bathroom IS OUTDATED.

If there's one sign that your bathroom remodel is overdue, the décor and colors are outdated. Perhaps your preferences have evolved, or maybe trends have changed. Regardless of the cause, if the color of your bathroom has grown unappealing to you, this should be the first indication that a total bathroom remodel is required. When it comes to remodels, color is the first important decision and an inspired starting point. Not only is it the most visible feature of a space, but it also reflects your style and taste. Take your time thinking about your color selection; there's no use in rushing into a hue you may hate. If you are undecided, subdued tones and neutral grays are all you need for a quick, noticeable change.

The color and style of your bathroom tile are other essential factors in evaluating if a bathroom remodel is in your plans. Most bathroom improvements are motivated by outdated wall tiles. Unique textures and patterns are always in style, and vintage appearances are simple to implement when part of your current tiling is older and powerfully featured. If you want to replace it with something more contemporary, neutral tiles may help you create a timeless bathroom design that can be modified as colors and trends change.


Unfortunately, most bathrooms were not created with 21st-century demands, with older properties having insufficient bathroom space. If you're having trouble with your bathroom's size, layout, or organization, it's time to redesign it. Are you falling over the toilet while moving about the room or squeezing past the sink to go to the shower? These are issues that may be addressed with the aid of a bathroom makeover or redesign.


A bathroom may be designed in various ways to maximize available space and provide a sense of luxury. Several attractive space-saving ideas will be discovered that will make greater use of the area without having to enlarge the room size. You may keep it simple by repositioning the organizing components, or you can take it to the next level by replacing an outdated bathroom need with a contemporary model. A permit is often required to accomplish a complete bathroom remodel. When do permits become necessary? If you aren't modifying the home's construction, chances are you won't require permission to proceed with your bathroom makeover. Most interior work does not need permission, but if you are changing plumbing, you may need to seek a permit to complete your bathroom remodeling objectives.


If your bathroom's components are leaking or you notice a strong odor of mildew, you must commit to a bathroom remodel. Those searching for a less dramatic solution may be questioning why they need to opt for a whole bathroom remodel rather than just a new coat of paint, but the reality is that when damage is apparent, action must be done before it worsens. Furthermore, if you are ashamed to provide your bathroom to visitors, you should not have to question if you should go with the remodeling.

If anything is unpleasant or moldy, it should not be rescued and replaced immediately. If there is corrosion or limescale, it must be removed. You may tackle these issues by updating fixtures and fittings throughout your bathroom makeover (and save water too). Sufficient ventilation in your bathroom will help you eliminate unpleasant bathroom scents. Proper restorations involve these more technical problems, ensuring that even the less glamorous aspects of a bathroom are carefully taken care of.


If the lighting is so brilliant in the morning that it blinds you or so dark in the evening that you can barely see your face in the mirror, then the need for a bathroom remodel scarcely has to be questioned. Proper lighting is essential for reinventing the overall mood of the space. Many DIY bathroom remodeling typically overlooks the significance of lighting in favor of concentrating on more aesthetic features. Don't forget about illumination while remodeling your bathroom. The impact an adequately lighted space can make is astonishing, and although you may come to regret a piece of art or paint color, you will never regret updating your lighting. We recommend installing a dimmer switch to allow you to adjust the degree of brightness for your bathroom remodeling.


If you don't have enough space to keep bathroom items, this is a focal point that will drive your desire for a bathroom redesign. A bathroom may help you provide all the storage you need without taking up space with cumbersome store-bought organizers. When everything is in its correct position, not only does your bathroom appear and feel more elegant, but you'll also have an easier time traversing what may already be a tiny or crowded area. There are several bathroom storage options that you can include in your whole bathroom makeover, which may become the focal point of your completed bathroom.


How much room do you need to go about your regular activities? If you feel confined when putting on makeup or shaving in the morning, you may benefit from a complete bathroom remodel. A layout can only be modified so much without the assistance of a design specialist, and a full bathroom may make your space larger. As previously said, if you are demolishing or relocating walls during your bathroom makeover or expanding your property, consult with your designer about the necessity for a permit before starting.


When selling your home, bathrooms are a significant selling point. In many circumstances, selling your house requires a bathroom remodel. A bathroom makeover may dramatically boost the market value of your property and can be the deciding factor in convincing a prospective buyer. If your master bathroom needs a bathroom makeover, it may be more challenging to sell your property. Put some effort into your bathroom, and you will notice a rise in interest due to the installation of some new remodeling.

Remodeling a bathroom is a complex, time-consuming undertaking that demands skill, experience, and... the appropriate equipment! A typical bathroom might include plumbing, wiring, drywall, tiling, flooring, and other tasks that are typically beyond the expertise level of the average homeowner.

1. Obtaining Professional Results Necessarily requires Expertise

What counts most is the result. An expert can advise you on the design and materials you should use and will be up to date on the newest technology, materials, and fashion trends. Furthermore, they will have the professional competence to install each component and produce high-quality solutions. Working with a professional is the best approach to getting the spa-like bathroom of your dreams.

2. Reduce the Stress of Home Improvements

The appropriate specialist can reduce the stress associated with your home renovation job. Professionals are kind, friendly, and considerate of your house. They will work with you to respect your timetable and make the procedure as simple as possible. They can also save you hours of time and study as you educate yourself on each factor in bathroom remodeling.

3. Remodeling Contractors are Bonded, Insured, and Certified.

Working with a professional may help you secure your most valuable asset. Depending on the location, an experienced contractor may be required to be qualified, licensed, or bonded. In the case of an issue, a licensed contractor will have all the essential insurance and bonds to safeguard you. They will back up their work and protect you throughout and after the process.

4. Remodeling Professionals Can Help You Manage Your Budget

Consider this if you're worried about the price of hiring a professional vs. doing it yourself. One of the most challenging projects in house improvement is bathroom remodeling. Electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, drywall, tiling, and other services are part of the process. Any errors you make in the trades might be costly unless you know what you're doing. Hiring a professional ensures that you get what you want the first time.

5 A Professional Design-Build Remodeler Can Bring Your Creative Vision to Life

A professional company can produce a stunning and one-of-a-kind solution for your bathroom remodeling. Working with a professional may assist you in clarifying your creative and aesthetic vision for your area. They will be up to date on the latest fashion trends, materials, and technologies. Seven Home Improvement can assist you in selecting the ideal vanity, countertop, sinks, fixtures, paints, and tiles. A skilled design-build renovation company will guarantee that your rebuilt bathroom combines timeless style, utility, and aesthetics.

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