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Floor or Cabinets First ?

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but aren't sure whether to start with the cabinets or the floor? If so, keep reading our blog because we'll go through how to start your remodeling job by beginning with the floor or cabinets. Kitchen renovation or remodeling is a significant home improvement job in which old and obsolete items are replaced with more fashionable and updated items. The kitchen, often known as the heart of the house, serves as an area to sit and dine with your family and make meals. As a result, it is essential to maintain your kitchen in excellent condition. A kitchen remodels several advantages. It expands your available space and increases functionality. You may add additional items to your kitchen without having to renovate it. Furthermore, eliminating unnecessary or less helpful items from area makes it more efficient and functional. You feel more at ease since your kitchen will seem neater now that everything is in order. A nice-looking workplace is also more enjoyable to work in.

With all of the benefits of kitchen remodeling, it should be remembered that it is a pricey project; thus, it is essential to begin with a suitable strategy, such as picking between floor or cabinet. Both sequences have advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we'll go through both choices in depth so you can make a good selection.

The benefits and drawbacks of placing the floor before the cabinets

Because of its frequent usage, the floor is one of the most significant components of your kitchen and house. Most homeowners choose to install the floor first to prevent cutting materials around cabinets and appliances. Another benefit of laying the floor first is that it makes it easy to replace the cabinets in the future if necessary.

If you install the cabinets before the flooring, you may be stuck with their footprint. Installing flooring under the cabinets also creates a nice and clean appearance, which is essential for the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

To make cabinets attractive, it is essential to acquire exact measurements before installing them. When you install the cabinets first, you are more likely to overlook the flooring aspect, resulting in a measuring inaccuracy. As a result, placing the floor before the cabinets eliminates the possibility of measuring mistakes. However, you must establish the water and electrical connections before constructing the floor.

Following a detailed discussion of the benefits of putting the floor first, it is time to explore some of the disadvantages of installing the floor first.

When laying flooring before cabinets, more tiles and flooring materials are needed. It may seem ineffective to some since the tiles behind the cabinets are not visible.

Along with changes in flooring trends, the floor begins to degrade with time, necessitating the flooring replacement. You will need to remove the cabinets to install the new tiles under the cabinets. This raises your already expensive remodeling costs.

Similarly, certain materials, such as wood, expand and contract in response to variations in the amount of precipitation in the air and changes in the atmosphere/temperature. The flooring underneath the cabinets may be harmed in such circumstances.

The benefits and drawbacks of adding cabinets before flooring

Cabinets are pretty important in deciding the aesthetic of your kitchen. They are also the most significant aspect of your kitchen since they offer storage for all your cooking necessities. As a result, cabinets become the focal point of a kitchen.

Starting with cabinet installation eliminates various issues you could have with the choice. Every homeowner wants high-quality work at a reasonable price. They want to prevent unneeded expenditures; thus, placing the cabinets first saves money on the area of the flooring that is not visible. It also saves time by eliminating the need to integrate the tiles under the cabinet area.

As flooring materials are expensive, you don't want them to be harmed throughout the remodeling. We often notice flooring damage during cabinet installation. Thus, by installing the cabinets before the flooring, you entirely rule out and remove the possibility of flooring damage.

Installing the cabinets first has a few drawbacks, but they may be overcome using different strategies. The installation of cabinets before flooring leaves a footprint that will be visible during the following refurbishment. This footprint, however, may be reduced by placing flooring underneath the cabinets.

Furthermore, putting the cabinets first lengthens the project's completion time. You'll need to trim the tiles to fit correctly around the cabinet's foundation. A little error in cutting leads to flooring material waste. If you are a homeowner rushing to finish the job, you may choose the second option, installing the floor first.

If you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets after a while, it will be more challenging to obtain new cabinets of the same size. You need to get the correct size since you created the floor by trimming its corners to match the already placed cabinets.

Services for Flooring and Cabinets in San Diego

Contact Seven Home Improvement if you are concerned about how to design a kitchen renovation. They will supply you with dependable and effective kitchen remodeling services in San Diego. After consultations, their skilled designer will work with you to develop an appropriate refurbishment plan. Their house remodeling plan contains a budget, completion date, personnel specifics, practical design, and so on. They will transform your room into an aesthetically pleasing and lovely environment.

They also provide the most excellent Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego. They are the most trusted remodeling business when it comes to cabinetry. They provide a variety of stylish and stunning patterns from which you may choose based on your preferences. They not only design and build your cabinets, but they also guarantee that they are installed correctly and without harm.


Home/Kitchen renovation is expensive and time-consuming, so making the proper selections is critical. One wrong choice might lead to regret in the future. Furthermore, the look of a home, which is significant to every homeowner, relies on your perfect selections.

We go through the sequence of installing the cabinets and flooring in depth in this post. Whichever order you choose has benefits and cons. However, understanding these will allow you to make a best selection.

The flooring material is undoubtedly a significant consideration in determining the installation sequence. Install the cabinets if the flooring material expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. Similarly, if the flooring material is inexpensive and easily accessible, with little potential for expansion and contraction, you may install it first. However, you must take care not to sacrifice the aesthetic of your kitchen to save a few bucks.

You need to go no farther than Seven Home Improvement if you plan to remodel your kitchen or just want new flooring or cabinets installed in your house. During the time our experts spend with you in your home, they will address any concerns you may have about the installation process, including whether or not you should install cabinets before flooring. You'll get the opportunity to examine several floor samples in your kitchen so you can decide which one works best with the lighting and the design of the rest of your house.

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